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Promoted Post BannerKRISMI‘s musical journey began during her time in a musical school, where she immersed herself in studying the piano. Soon after, she ventured into the world of singing, discovering a new passion within herself. In 2011, this beautiful Ukranian talented soul made a bold decision to pursue a DJ career under the name DJ Christy Million, quickly rising to become one of Europe’s fastest-growing female DJs, with an impressive following of over 1 million on Facebook. Over the past 12 years, KRISMI has graced the stages of some of Europe and Asia’s finest clubs, delivering captivating performances in countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Norway, Finland, South Africa, Egypt, Germany, Sweden, and many Asian territories. Introducing her latest venture, KRISMI takes the dance floor by storm, infusing it with the electrifying beats of techno, melodic techno, and progressive house. Beginning her music production journey in 2021, she quickly made waves and is now proudly signed to Ginchiest Records. What sets KRISMI apart is her incredible talent for not only crafting her own lyrics but also creating captivating melodies, adding a personal touch and uniqueness to her music.

In 2011, KRISMI collaborated with
Korolova and Alar to create her debut track “Without You”, which found its way onto Magik Muzik, a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings. And now, her latest release returns under the very same roof that initially gave her the wings to fly freely with her music. “Little Love” unfolds a heartfelt love story between a man and a woman whose paths couldn’t converge due to life’s circumstances. Despite the brevity of their time together, they cherished each moment, living their “Little love” with immense depth and passion. “I still remember walking into the studio, and within a mere 3 hours, the song was born. The inspiration was incredibly intense, reflecting my deep feelings for him.” – Kristina shared.

This progressive creation will take you on a love journey deep into the night, guided by catchy vocal that holds you tight as your little love, making sure you never drift away. The delightful fusion of a nice high lead pad synth and pluck synth adds an emotive touch, creating a perfect question-and-answer interplay that resonates throughout the track. Make sure to experience it for yourself, as it’s available now on all streaming platforms: https://blackhole.lnk.to/littlelove


01. KRISMI – Little Love (Original Mix)
02. KRISMI – Little Love (Extended Mix)

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