Luca Draccar releases new EP ‘Sugar’


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Luca Draccar draws from his past, fusing
together a passion for technology and
music to create something otherworldly and futuristic. ‘Sugar’ is the latest project from
Draccar, following the release of his two EP’s last year.

Throughout the 3-track EP ‘Sugar,’ there are surprise complexities, especially in ‘She Is Gone.’ With vocal effects, synthesizers, relentless rhythms and even an acoustic guitar, the song is layered with ear candy, the discovery of something new with every listen. Heightening the listener’s senses further, ‘Love Is Killing You’ continues to experiment in a more subdued approach. An old-style vocal recording which opens the track becomes chopped and glitching while ‘Love is killing you’ is a dark rumbling voice that entices and hypnotises. ‘Come Closer’ is the final piece in the trio, a haunting and mechanical track that builds in suspense and anticipation until it’s riddled with a sense of anxiety, a
continuous kick drum leading to the fade-out. Now settled in Berlin, Luca Draccar continues to experiment and invent, bending the boundaries of techno music.


cover art Luca Draccar

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