“I always try to remember what’s most important is the awesome people who listen to it!”

SCEAM just released his new Big Room House smash on the Hammarica label. PARTY CRASHERS is a Big Room track with plenty of energy. With a lovely anthem-like melody to fill out the break, the track quickly picks up again and hits with plenty of conviction by the time the drop rolls around.

Energy, melody, and love have always been three things important to Sceam’s productions. From the age of 16, He’s been producing dance music, climbing up the ranks and gaining support from many DJs. Starting with his initial Beatport release, “Pixilated EP.”

We had a little chat with Sceam to find out more about him:

When did you start producing?

I started producing around 15 years old. I loved EDM and I was always so intrigued by how Electronic music was made that I had to find out myself. I ended up loving creating music so I stuck with it.

Who are your biggest influences?

My main influence when I produce is probably Merzo and Visionaire. They have a fresh influence on House and Big room House style that I really enjoy.

What’s your favorite series on YouTube?

FreshHouseTV on Youtube has the best uploads for House on Youtube. They upload tons of unreleased bigger tracks as well as A LOT of underrated Producers.

Which style of music would you like to merge with dance music one day?

I think that hip hop and rap can be blended quite easily with House. I love hearing some awesome lyrics laid down on a track before a heavy buildup and drop. It gives the song so much more when there is a story being told in it.

What’s your view on keeping the big room house sound fresh?

This is a hard one for me because I love producing and playing Big room but I hate the bad rep and the reproduced garbage you often see associated with big room but I love the genre and I love producing it. I try to keep a fresh mind when producing and try different sounds and different things and originality usually just come with it. I always try to remember what’s most important is the awesome people who listen to it!


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