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The DJ Sessions is an online streaming TV show featuring sets by the world’s hottest DJ talent. Each Wednesday at 6pm PST, viewers can tune in for a 5 hour live show. Interviews, hot dancers and an actively engaging fan base are also part of the show. Darran Bruce, founder of The DJ Sessions is with us today to tell more about the show and its history.


Tell us how you first started the idea for The DJ Sessions

I came up with the idea one day a few months after coming back from WMC 2009. I had been in broadcast TV for several years and with 12 different shows going on I said to myself “What is really going to be the next biggest thing?” EDM came to mind and I thought “Why don’t I do a show about DJ’s and have them play sets on the show.” I bounced the idea around for a few months and then out of nowhere a friend of mine, Alex Eagleton, called me and said he was coming over and we were going to do “The DJ Sessions” that night in my living room. He came over, I set up two cameras and we proceeded to produce the show. You can still watch those first two episodes online, haha. The next week we moved the show into a new studio, my bedroom, and eventually to a real studio and the ITV Mobile Studio. We just kept going from there.

You stream live every Wednesday starting at 6pm PST. Which artists have dropped by for a set in the last 3 months?

Some bad ass DJ’s/Producers have dropped by… Let’s see Revolvr, George Acosta, Oliver Twizt, Kenneth Thomas, Funtcase, Dirtyloud, Kalm Kaoz, Marco Bailey, Darin Epsilon, Kyau & Albert, Kutski, Vaski, Moguai, Blackliquid, Angry Muffin….in the past we have had Paul Oakenfold, Christopher Lawrence, Matt Darey, Sander Van Doorn, Dave Dresden, Johnny Monsoon, and others, but the main focus is really to get the local DJ’s/ Producers exposure not only in the area, but to show the world what talent we have here in our own backyard. There are too many local Seattle DJ’s to name that have appeared on TJDS, but we record everything online so you can always go back and watch past episodes….

Name 3 artists that delivered a set that still has you in awe.

Well the first episode that comes to mind was when we first started the show and Dave Dresden played a set in my bedroom, but….what had me in awe of that was when he picked up my cat off my bed, brought her over the the decks and was pretending she was spinning….that was hilarious….Number two would go to…..Oliver Twizt, that guy just blew me away…he had so much energy, I was definitely tired after that set…Number three would have to go to everyone else that has ever had the courage to get on a live streaming show and perform….we have over 600 hours of content online and you will see me dancing in every episode…..I guess you could say the ones that I am dancing more in are the ones that have had me in awe of the DJ.


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