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MOONBEAM just released their new album ‘THE RANDOM’– For Hammarica.com a perfect time to catch up with the duo from Russia!


Your new album has some of a different concept to it. Could you explain your thoughts behind it and what people can expect from the album tracks?

For the first time, we release 2CDs edition. CD#1 includes soundtracks for our “The Random” movie. As always, we were trying to experiment and find something new in electronic music. We worked with many artists from around the world, including Andrea Roma, Jacob A, A*S*Y*S and others. This allowed us to use virtually all styles of music in the album. Since we set ourselves a task to dive into the creative process and to transmit mood of each track, as the result of it we got a very deep, but at the same time relevant and interesting “music book”, consisting of two volumes.

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For people who have yet to see you live, how would you describe your show?

This is very interesting, exciting and sometimes incomprehensible. We have a lot of stuff on stage, so many people even didn’t know what is this, but it’s exciting. We working on with midi keyboards, percussion and other electronic stuff, and very often people says just “Wow!”

What would you say to other people to make them fall in love with your country, Russia?

Many people think that Russia is not the best country for living. And it’s true. But, anyway we have a rich history, a lot of famous musicians (especially classical music), artists and others. We have some beautiful cities, hospitable people and generous soul. Welcome!

You recently founded a new agency. Tell us more about it.

It’s an artist agency. We launched it first of all, to open young talents, to show their music to world. We also trying to support and provide a lot of services for them. Now we have 7 artists.

Dance Music NewsYou both love working with visuals. Which other visual artists inspire your own work?

Speaking about film directors, our favorites is Guillermo del Toro, Tim Burton, their mystic atmosphere of what is happening on the screen is really close to us. There is also a very talented people who specialize only in visual effects and motion graphics, such as Mike Winkelmann, Nick Cambell from Greyscalegorilla and Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot.

Which moment goes in the books as the weirdest experience on the road?

We will tell you about a very nasty incident at one of the big music festivals. When we were in front of 15,000 people with our live performance, one of the managers of some artist just turned off all sound on stage. That was really messy situation and we didn’t know what to do. But, anyway it ended well, because crowd supported us.

You recently achieved album of the month in Mixmag. Does success like that inspire you to deliver more?

Sure. If you get such comment and review from magazine which is so popular like Mixmag it’s inspire you to make something new and better. Because you know, if people like your stuff, that you can grow up, and deliver more.

Some artists change their styles in a radical way. In which direction do you see your own music going in the next 5 years?

We tried to create a unique and independent Moonbeam style and never tried to copy the sound of others. And we think that will move and experiment in our own direction on. Our new album ‘The Random’ is confirmation of this.

What was your best experience in 2012?

Shooting of “The Random” movie.

Is there anything else you would like to mention to our readers?

We hope that our new album will not disappoint you. We wait for your reviews and comments at our web pages. Good luck and take care.

Thanks Moonbeam for taking the time for this interview!





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