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BEATPORTthe world’s largest dance music community and music store for DJstoday (December 4) announced that its Mixes platform has emerged from invite-only status, now allowing any DJ in the world to upload, share and sell their mixes.

Beatport Mixes ( launched in June, offering only select DJs invited the ability to sell their mixtapes as downloadable files. Opening Mixes to the public now gives bedroom DJs and superstars alike the chance to take advantage of the platform.  For those mixtapes available for sale, BEATPORT clears the usage rights to the songs included on behalf of the DJs who created themcompensating all parties involved—both the DJ and the rights-holders behind the songs used, including artists, songwriters, labels and publishers. Until this launch, DJs who wanted to sell mixtapes would have to either clear these rights themselves (often taking months to accomplish), make their fans jump through hoops to purchase the rights for them, or limit their distribution to streaming and Internet radio services (which pay less and have more restrictions on fan usage).


To alleviate the complexities of licensing for the DJ, BEATPORT has deals in place with tens of thousands of independent labels it currently works with to cover the use of their songs on Beatport Mixes. BEATPORT is negotiatingsimilar rights with its major label partners as well. As a result, with each mix sale, BEATPORT compensates all parties involved in the mix as if those tracks were downloaded individually, so long as the mix was created using tracks acquired through the Beatport Music store. BEATPORT also offers a non-downloadable, full-length preview option which does not require tracks to be acquired throughBEATPORT. Any mix can also now be embedded for playback on websites and blogs, as well as shared to a user’s Facebook timeline.

“Beatport Mixes was created to support, elevate and promote DJs working on stages as well as in bedrooms, including the thousands of DJs who have not yet generated recognition outside of their hometown or even their neighborhood,” said BEATPORT CEO Matthew Adell. “This includes DJs playing any kind of dance music – techno, house, hip-hop, moombahton, and anything else. By putting their mixes alongside the superstar DJs that have already contributed mixes to the platform, we expect the result will be an avalanche of creativity from an exciting new generation of talent.”

About Beatport
Beatport is the world’s leading online provider of music, tools and resources customized for the unique needs and demands of DJs. Available in more than 230 countries, our flagship digital music service features high-definition dance tracks—from the latest exclusives to deep catalogue cuts—by the world’s top and emerging artists. As a result, our sales charts serve as the industry barometer for what tracks are currently jumping in the clubs before crossing over into the mainstream.  The Beatport platform also offers tools to help DJs manage their careers, promote their productions and performances, and connect with the largest community of qualified fans on the planet. Founded in 2004, Beatport is based in Denver, CO, with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and Tokyo. The company is privately held, and counts more than 88 employees worldwide. Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@beatport).




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