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He has been around for a while, and was initially discovered by Armin Van Buuren. Nowadays he releases banger after banger on labels such as Diffused Music, Pinkstar and Spinnin Records. Please welcome Andrew Bennett as featurted artist in Hammarica.com’s series of daily DJ interviews!


Your big break came in 2004 when a chance encounter with Armin Van Buuren & Markus Schulz led to the release of your track Ocean Drive on the Armada Music record label. How did you experience that instant success as a young producer?

It was a great moment. I went that year to the Amsterdam Dance Event, which takes place every year and is probably the most important dance conference in the world. There I met Armin and Markus. I gave both of them a CD with my tracks and when I came home and checked my emails, Armin had already sent me a message, that he likes them a lot and wants to sign them. Also Markus was totally into all oft hem.

You are know for quite a few successful remixes, including smashes for Armin Van Buuren and Karen Overton. Do you enjoy working with vocals as opposed to instrumental tracks?

It totally depends. I like working on a track or a remix with good vocals a lot, but I also enjoy producing instrumentals. If the vocal is not 100% the way you think it has to be, it’s better to work on the track without them or try something new.

Your tracks carry influences from different EDM styles. How would you describe your sound?

Finding a certain genre is very difficult, especially as genres have totally changed over the last few years. I’m always into music that transports a certain feeling, but it hast to work also on the dancefloor. So it’s about finding the right balance. I love the high octane energy of some of the new tracks and songs I have coming out, pretty intense!

Describe the best gig you ever experienced.

That’s also a difficult question. I had so many good gigs over the years and it does not depend if you are playing in a small club or a big festival. I played in Antigua in the Carribean Sea at a Ministry Of Sound party in april this year and people were absolutely going crazy there. They knew nearly every song I played and it was such an amazing time.

Of all the tracks you have produced, which one are you the most proud of?

That’s very hard to say. I did about 100 productions and I think I’m proud of them all.

Giant bass drumIs there one typical Andrew Bennett production tip you would like to share with our readers? One trick that you use in almost every production?

Many people ask me how I’m doing my mastering and how I get this punch to all my tracks.

The tip I can give you is, that you have to find the right bassdrum regarding the bass you use.

It has to sound perfect in your mix and it’s nothing I fix with mastering or anything else.

If you haven’t found the right balance between those elements you’ll never get a good result in the end.

Andrew BennettWhen you have had a lot of success in the dance scene, what do you do to maintain at top level, and to rise as an artist?

I think you have to be always open minded to go forward. Listening to diverse genres and also to music besides EDM. Don’t give too much on the opinion of other people. If you like it, it’s good!

Trance Djs ruled the DJ Mag Top 100 for years on end, but the latest trend in popularity has shifted to a more house, electro and even dubstep sound. What place will trance have the coming years and how do you like these other mentioned styles of EDM?

DJ Mag results for 2012 are just out for a few days and Armin van Buuren has won it for the fifth time. So regarding to DJ Mag trance is #1 again. But you are right, house, electro and also dubstep is going strong over the last 2-3 years and as EDM is booming right now, I’m excited to see where it is going the next years.

Your favorite record label to do business with?

I’m working very close with Diffused Music, the label of Michael Woods and PinkStar, the home of EDX, Avicii, etc. They have the same vision, passion and the same believe in music like I have and it’s always great to work with both of them.

DJ jetIs there a downside to life as a touring DJ?

The more you travel, the less you have time for your friends and family. So if you have the chance to, it’s great to travel around and having your friends with you.

Do you regret any decision you made in the past?

Life is about rise and falls & ups and downs. Everything you experience forms your character, so there is nothing I regret.

Andrew BennettIs your home country a good place for dance music? Which city do you like most in that respect?

Hamburg and Germany in general are always a bit difficult. EDM has a very long history here and people are not that excited anymore, though it’s getting a lot better the last 2 years, but it’s nothing compared to the US where people go totally crazy as it’s all totally new to them.

What is your dream project?

Good question. Maybe working with Depeche Mode? I have no idea, but that would be def. very cool!

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for all the support. It’s just amazing how many reactions I’ve got on my music over the years and I appreciate it a lot!

Thanks again Andrew for taking the time for this interview!




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