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Mariano Favre Hammarica PRBy Damen Smith-Draeko — Progressive House is EDM’s emo family member. It’s the music of dancing in angling boughs of sunshine in a damp room on the northern side of the house. Mariano Favre captures that sunshine with Universe (original mix). This was my first impression of him and of his talent, the first track of his where I actually sat and just listened as I began my research into this extraordinary young man .

Universe (Original Mix)

So far, I liked him. I wanted to hear more.


Having and wanting to discover more about this young man in his early twenties from Argentina, I went back in time a bit more and found the following production he and Fernando Ferreyra had compiled together. My second impression of Mariano was that he works well with others, which is always a good trait in my book. Especially since so many of us do not.

Fernando Ferreyra And Mariano Favre – Last Moslems Pray

I found that track to be extremely evocative, stirring a pensive sadness within me – Yes, I’m kind of a softee – for the plight of the world. Its driving beat and pervading synth, with that ethereal female voice whispering to me, felt like some suggested metaphor for humanity’s dying hope.

Of course the amount of Mariano’s input into this production can only be revealed during an actual interview with him, which would be nice, but given his track record (yes, pun intended), I would be quite surprised if that input was small. I am already in love with Let Moslems Pray, feeling a bit saddened I’d not discovered it 4 years ago when it was first released, 22 Nov 2008. I could have really used it for my set back then.

In 2009, Mariano and Fernando made lightning strike the chord of success in the same spot yet again. Action-Reaction brought not only the signature progressive house dance trance to the table, but it was now funky when it came to down to (b)eat. <– see what I did there?

Mariano Favre, Fernando Ferreyra – Action reaction (Original Mix)

After enjoying it thoroughly, there was now no doubt in my mind that there was some skill, some well-honed talent somewhere within the mixture of this two-pronged effort.

Now I wanted to hear more of Mariano on his own. I wanted to separate him and Fernando and send them to separate rooms in my head, hopefully dealing with Fernando another time, just as fascinated by his talent nonetheless. What if I separated my coffee from my cream?

Mariano Favre – Apologies (Original Mix)

I am now a definite fan of Mariano Favre. His tracks will definitely grace my own DJ sets.

What is he doing now?

Well, here is his latest track, Mendoza, named after and dedicated to his country’s fourth largest city.

Mariano Favre – Mendoza (Original Mix)

For the remixes, Perspectives Digital enlisted the help of  producers:

Mariano Favre – Mendoza (Lank Remix)

Mariano Favre – Mendoza (Tom Glass Remix) – Perspectives Digital

Mariano Favre is again capturing those boughs of sunshine and I’m on the northern side of the damp house dancing in them. This is really good stuff, and I hope to hear a great deal more from him in the near future.


* * *

For more information on Mariano Favre, check out the following:

Perspectives Digital – website

Follow Mariano Favre on Beatport



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